Parking @ Gemmayze St

We find that there is often Parking on these streets (free from 6pm): Karangahape Road,  Canada Street , Pitt Street,  Mercury Lane , And various other streets around the area, or also the car parks mentioned below.

On-Street Parking Pay & Display:

Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm: $3 for 1st hour

$3 for 2nd hour & $6 for every additional hour

FREE after 6pm till 8am x 7 days

1 Mobility park 356 K Road and 1 at No. 1 Beresford Square

Contact 09 355 3553


For Chef & Kitchen prep Volunteers

AT Civic Car Park - Greys Ave and Mayoral Drive, CBD.

Casual fees $4 per hour with maximum of $24 per day.

Wilson Parking - 24 Mercury Lane

Carpark Fees

Hours of Operation

Contact 0800 688 853

During the day the following are your best bet:

AT 20 Upper Queen Street, Beneath Apartments Park Terraces.

Pay & display

Day rate (Monday to Saturday, 6am - 6pm)

$3.00 per hour or $10.00 flat rate. (Cheapest around).

$1 minimum transaction applies to all tariffs.

(then either move and try find a parking on the street as its free after 6pm or stay:)

Evening rate (Monday to Saturday, 6pm - 8pm or overnight 8pm - 6am the next day)

$6.00 flat rate.

Note: Access to the car park between 8pm and 6am is only available to residents, their visitors, and monthly parking leaseholders with remote controls